Evaluating A Marketing Strategy That Your Chosen Business

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Marketing Coursework

Title: Evaluate a marketing strategy that your chosen business could adopt to gain a competitive advantages.

Name: Chow Wing Tung (Phoebe)
Tutor Name’s: James McAteer
Word Counts: 1,929 words
Submission Date: 13 March, 2015

Table of Contents:
Literature Review 2-3

Overview of Millie’s Cookies 4

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

Short define of SWOT and Strengths of the organisation 5

Weaknesses of the organisation (Diagram 1) 6-7

Opportunities of the organisation
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Besides, researching from the book ‘Principles and Practice of Marketing’, it focuses on marketing mix decisions, analysis and competition marketing strategy. This information is the major factors that might influence how a firm makes benefit from their competitors whereas establish authority and reputation (Jobber, 2007).
According to the book ‘Marketing an Introduction’, it is based on how does marketing mix – price, promotion, product, and place impacts the firms. As well, how to target market and segmentation which is reveal the firm’s market segment opportunities, especially the different needs, characteristics, or behaviours which may require separate marketing strategies or mixes. In addition, identifying what is competitive advantages which refers to build profitable relationship with target market customers, marketers must recognise customer needs better than competitors do and deliver more value while the company can position itself as providing superior value, it gains competitive advantages (Armstrong, et al., 2012). The Marketing: Critical introduction is about the marketing strategy whereas to recognise what customer needs thought how a business operate and do, as the marketing mix it is a firm which may
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