New Type Of Convenience Store And Internet Cafe

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To Build or Buy


To Build or Buy
Business Concept The café that is going to be established shall be a new type of convenience store and internet café. The café shall have a wide array of products that are provided in a convenience store but shall have a modern touch that implies that the customers shall feel relaxed once in the cafe. It shall have a blend of a customary convenience store with a more some aspects of Starbucks incorporated into the store. The establishment shall avail a high quality and complete evening experience for some individual searching for a place to feel comfortable. The Café shall avail free wireless internet connection, chairs and tables where the customers shall have a place to relax and surf the world wide net. Through the availability of the Wi-Fi, the students from the local learning institutions shall be welcomed to do their research and homework while at the same time enjoying the variety of food and coffee provided in the store. I shall strive to provide a low price for the products at the store compared to the stores in the nearby location. The café shall provide a menu of Pizza, sandwiches amongst other food stuff. Most significantly, Fresh coffee shall be availed to the consumers all day with a wide variety of brews and blends.
The aim of the café is straightforward. It shall avail to the patrons a sensual, sophisticated and a causing coffeehouse and dining experiences for the majority of the

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