Starbucks' Sustainable Solutions Plan

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Introduction This paper aims to look at some of the strategies and concrete actions that Starbucks is undertaking in the area of sustainability, namely in production, financial, social and environmental areas. It also evaluates the sustainability strategy at Starbucks and the way ahead for the company in terms of sustainable approaches. Explanation Starbucks treats sustainability in a very serious manner, integrating the concept into every area of operations and every sector where its activities are, in one way or another felt. Its strategies range from green efforts (minimizing energy reductions and minimizing waster through recycling) to business and financial efforts and to social sustainability. Sustainability is integrated into the company's overall strategy as a core element of its business vision, which translates at every level of business, in a top-down approach. Brief description of sustainable solutions plan Environmental Sustainability -Reducing environmental footprints -Embracing and promoting green consumption, -Advocacy of sustainable production, -Utilizing renewable supply of energy -Designing and building eco-friendly outlets -Attaining energy reductions by utilizing extra efficient illumination -Minimizing water consumption by reducing the use of "dipper wells" Social Sustainability -Educating customers and other business partners -Providing environmental knowledge to customers Financial Sustainability -Differentiation Analysis
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