What Is Meant by Lifelong Learning?

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Using an example, describe what is meant by lifelong learning?

Lifelong learning is simply the process of developing an individual's skills and abilities throughout the duration of their career. In a society predicated on capitalism, competition can arise from anywhere. Corporations must be prepared to defend their competitive advantages relative to their peers within the industry. Lifelong learning is one method in which to do so. By properly training individuals within the corporation, the organization as a whole becomes better. Personnel can become more efficient with their thought process and decision making skills. In addition through the use of cross functional training, personnel can gain skills in completing different fields such as human resources and public relations. This learning through cross functional teams is beneficial for two primary reasons. First, through learning other aspects of the corporation, personnel have a better idea of how their respective contributions add to the organization as a whole. As such, these individuals, through lifelong learning, can make better decisions based primarily on their implications for the entire organization. Secondly, solutions to company problems are garnered through a litany of different sources. Through knowledge gained through lifelong learning, personnel can also help innovate within the organization in a more efficient manner. These innovations will ultimately solve issues within the company that are a result

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