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16 mm16 mmChip carrier


Calculate the rate of heat loss by radiation from the upper surface of the electronic chip of Problem 2.41. Assume that the chip is contained in an enclosure that is large compared with the size of the chip and whose walls are at 25C. Also assume an emissivity of 0.5 for the surface of the chip.

Ans. 0.049 W.


Problem 2.41
The surface temperature of the electronic chip shown below is 75C and it is surrounded by ambient air at 25C. Calculate the rate of heat loss by natural convection from the upper surface of the chip.

16 mm
16 mm
Chip carrier

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16 mm 16 mm Chip carrier

Step 1

From the given data:


TS = Surface temperature = 75C = 348 K

Tsur = surrounding temperature = 25C = 298 K

ε = emissivity = 0.5

A = area of the exposed surface = (16 x 16) mm2 = 0.000256 m2

σ = 5.67 x 10-8 W/m2⸱K4

Step 2

Calculate the rate of heat loss by radiation ...


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