Principles of Economics 2e
Principles of Economics 2e
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781947172364
Author: Steven A. Greenlaw; David Shapiro
Publisher: OpenStax


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Chapter 22, Problem 25CTQ

Imagine that the government statisticians who calculate the inflation rate have been updating the basic basket of goods once every 10 years, but now they decide to update it every five years. How will this Change affect the amount of substitution bias and quality/new goods bias?

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Mark Lai, a student of agricultural science in the developing country Mikatra, notes that the demand for rice increased substantially over the last ten years. He attributes this to the substantial growth in population during this period. Although rice cultivation in Mikatra is still labor-intensive, Mark observes that the inflation-adjusted wages for farm workers in the rice industry have more or less remained constant during this period, even though the supply of rice increased. This was contrary to Mark's expectations as inflation in Mikatra during this period was not very high. Which of the following, if true, is most likely to explain this outcome? A.Rice and other cereals form a smaller proportion of the food budget of higher-income individuals. B.The government of another major rice-producing country, Langun, subsidizes its rice farmers to keep its prices competitive in the global market. C.The government of Mikatra has recently set a price floor in the wheat market. D.Following…
Examine the effects of inflation in attention to food and accommodation expenses.
Distinguish between the general inflation rate and the average inflation rate for specific goods?

Chapter 22 Solutions

Principles of Economics 2e

Ch. 22 - How do economists use a basket of goods and...Ch. 22 - Why do economists use index numbers to measure the...Ch. 22 - What is the difference between the price level and...Ch. 22 - Why does substitution bias arise if we calculate...Ch. 22 - Why does the quality/new goods bias arise if we...Ch. 22 - What has been a typical range of inflation in the...Ch. 22 - Over the last century, during what periods was the...Ch. 22 - What is deflation?Ch. 22 - Identity several parties likely to he helped and...Ch. 22 - What is indexing?Ch. 22 - Name several forms of indexing in the private and...Ch. 22 - Inflation rates, like most statistics, are...Ch. 22 - Given the federal budget deficit in recent years,...Ch. 22 - Why is the GDP deflator not an accurate measure of...Ch. 22 - Imagine that the government statisticians who...Ch. 22 - Describe a situation, either a government policy...Ch. 22 - Describe a situation, either a government policy...Ch. 22 - Why do you mink the U.S. experience with inflation...Ch. 22 - If, over time, wages and salaries on average rise...Ch. 22 - Who in an economy is the big winner from...Ch. 22 - If a government gains from unexpected inflation...Ch. 22 - Do you think perfect indexing is possible? Why or...Ch. 22 - The index number representing the price level...Ch. 22 - The total price of purchasing a basket of goods in...Ch. 22 - With in 1 or 2 percentage points, what has the...Ch. 22 - If inflation rises unexpectedly by 5, indicate for...Ch. 22 - Rosalie the Retiree knows that when she retires in...
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