Principles of Economics 2e
Principles of Economics 2e
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781947172364
Author: Steven A. Greenlaw; David Shapiro
Publisher: OpenStax
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Chapter 24, Problem 25RQ

Briefly explain the reason for the near-vertical shape of the SRAS curve on its far right.

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List 4 factors that will cause the IS curve to shift to the right.
The following graph shows an aggregate demand curve (AD) illustrating the inverse relationship between the price level and the quantity of Real GDP in the United States. During World War II, the United States increased military spending. Show the effect of the following scenario on the aggregate demand curve by dragging the curve or moving the point to the appropriate position. Note: Tool tip: To move the curve, click and drag any part of the curve. The curve will snap into position, so if you try to move it and it snaps back to its original position, just try again and drag it a little farther. PRICE LEVEL Aggregate Demand I I " I 1 REAL GDP AD AD (?)
Do you need the aggregate demand model to determine the equilibrium of the IS curve model?

Chapter 24 Solutions

Principles of Economics 2e

Ch. 24 - What impact would a decrease in the size of the...Ch. 24 - Suppose, after five years of sluggish growth, the...Ch. 24 - Suppose the Federal Reserve begins to Increase the...Ch. 24 - If the economy is operating in the neoclassical...Ch. 24 - If the economy is operating In the Keynesian zone...Ch. 24 - What is says law?Ch. 24 - What is Keynes; law?Ch. 24 - Do neoclassical economists believe in Keynes law...Ch. 24 - Does Says law apply more accurately in the long...Ch. 24 - What is on the horizontal axis of the AD/AS...Ch. 24 - What is the economic reason why the SRAS curve...Ch. 24 - What are the components of the aggregate demand...Ch. 24 - What are the economic reasons why the AD curve...Ch. 24 - Briefly explain the reason for the near-horizontal...Ch. 24 - Briefly explain the reason for the near-vertical...Ch. 24 - What is potential GDP?Ch. 24 - Name some factors that could cause the SRAS curve...Ch. 24 - Will the shift of SRAS to the right tend to make...Ch. 24 - What is stagflation?Ch. 24 - Name some factors that could cause AD to shift,...Ch. 24 - Would a shift of AD to the right tend to make the...Ch. 24 - How is long-term growth illustrated in an AD/AS...Ch. 24 - How is recession illustrated in an AD/AS model?Ch. 24 - How is cyclical unemployment illustrated in an...Ch. 24 - How is the natural rate of unemployment...Ch. 24 - How is pressure for inflationary price increases...Ch. 24 - What are some of the ways in which exports and...Ch. 24 - What is the Keynesian zone of the SRAS curve? How...Ch. 24 - What is the neoclassical zone of the SRAS curve?...Ch. 24 - What is the intermediate zone of the SRAS curve?...Ch. 24 - Why would an economist choose either the...Ch. 24 - On a microeconomic demand curve, a decrease in...Ch. 24 - Economists expect that as the labor market...Ch. 24 - If new government regulations require firms to use...Ch. 24 - During spring 2016 the Midwestern United States,...Ch. 24 - Hydraulic fracturing (tracking) has the potential...Ch. 24 - Some politicians have suggested tying the minimum...Ch. 24 - If households decide to save a larger portion of...Ch. 24 - If firms become more optimistic about the future...Ch. 24 - If Congress cuts taxes at the same time that...Ch. 24 - Suppose the level of structural unemployment...Ch. 24 - If foreign wealth-holders decide that the United...Ch. 24 - The AD/AS model is static. It shows a snapshot of...Ch. 24 - Explain why the short-run aggregate supply curve...Ch. 24 - Explain why the short-run aggregate supply curve...Ch. 24 - Why might it be important for policymakers to know...Ch. 24 - In your view, is the economy currently operating...Ch. 24 - Are Says law and Keynes law necessarily mutually...Ch. 24 - Review the problem in the Work It Out titled...Ch. 24 - The imaginary country of Harris Island has the...Ch. 24 - Table 24.4 describes Santhers economy. Plot the...
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Principles of Economics 2e
Author:Steven A. Greenlaw; David Shapiro