Physics Laboratory Experiments - 8th Edition - by Jerry D. Wilson, Cecilia A. Hernández-Hall - ISBN 9781285738567
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Physics Laboratory Experiments
8th Edition
Jerry D. Wilson, Cecilia A. Hernández-Hall
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285738567

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This market-leading manual for the first-year physics laboratory course offers a wide range of class-tested experiments designed specifically for use in small to mid-size lab programs. A series of integrated experiments emphasizes the use of computerized instrumentation and includes a set of "computer-assisted experiments" that allow you to gain experience with modern equipment. By analyzing data through two different methods, learners gain a greater understanding of the concepts behind the experiments. The Eighth Edition is updated with four new economical labs and thirty new Pre-Lab Demonstrations, designed to capture interest prior to the lab and requiring only widely available materials and items.

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Define centripetal force.State the three general empirical rules used to describe friction.Write an equation for the sum of the forces acting on the car parallel to the plane and also for the...What does Hookes law describe, and does it have limitations?What conditions must be present for (a) translational equilibrium and (b) rotational equilibrium of...If a simple machine produces an output force that is larger than the input force (Fo Fi), what does...What are Hookes law and simple harmonic motion, and how are they related?How is wave speed related to frequency and wavelength? How is the period of oscillation related to...What is meant by saying that temperature is a relative measure?What is the cause of thermal expansion on the molecular level?Distinguish between heat capacity and specific heat.Describe the physical reason for the buoyant force in terms of pressure.What is an electric field, and what does it tell you?What is the definition of electrical resistance?When one is measuring a resistance with an ammeter and a voltmeter, is the resistance given exactly...Does the resistance of all substances increase with temperature? Explain.Explain the difference between series and parallel connections.Explain (a) joule heat and (b) I2R losses.What is an RC time constant?Compare the voltages across a capacitor in dc and ac RC circuits.What is the law of reflection, and does it apply to all reflecting surfaces?Distinguish between concave and convex spherical mirrors.Is the plane of polarization of a polarizing polymer sheet in the same direction as the molecular...What is meant by dispersion?Distinguish between continuous spectra and line spectra, and describe their causes.What is a diffraction grating? Distinguish between the two types of gratings.What is the principle of operation of the Geiger tube?

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