Physics Laboratory Experiments - 8th Edition - by Jerry D. Wilson, Cecilia A. Hernández-Hall - ISBN 9781285738567

Physics Laboratory Experiments
8th Edition
Jerry D. Wilson, Cecilia A. Hernández-Hall
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285738567

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This market-leading manual for the first-year physics laboratory course offers a wide range of class-tested experiments designed specifically for use in small to mid-size lab programs. A series of integrated experiments emphasizes the use of computerized instrumentation and includes a set of "computer-assisted experiments" that allow you to gain experience with modern equipment. By analyzing data through two different methods, learners gain a greater understanding of the concepts behind the experiments. The Eighth Edition is updated with four new economical labs and thirty new Pre-Lab Demonstrations, designed to capture interest prior to the lab and requiring only widely available materials and items.

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The force which is responsible for keeping any object undergoing rotational motion, in the circular...Friction refers to the force resisting the relative motion between contacting material surfaces,...Draw a diagram to show the components of forces for a car moving in an inclided plane. Write the...Chapter 12, Problem 3QHooke’s law states that the restoring force of spring directly depends upon the distance at which it...An object is said to be in static equillibrium when the object is moving with zero veolcity or it...The device which can alter the direction as well as the amount of an applied force to it for a...Hooke’s law: One of the properties of elasticity that takes twice as much force to stretch out a...Write the expression for the wave speed in terms of frequency and wavelength. v=fλ (I) Here, v is...The scale which measures the amounts those are greater than or less than the reference amount, the...There is certain internal energy in every material. The atoms or molecules are connected as a single...The heat needed to increase the temperature of unit mass of substance by one degree is referred as...When the object is placed in a fluid either it floats or sinks. The heavy object sinks in fluid and...Electric field is the field that is produced by electric charges. The electric field lines model...Depending on the current flow, materials are divided as conductors and insulators. The materials...The potential difference through an electric circuit is measured by using the voltmeter and the...With the changes in temperature of a substance, the electric resistance of the substance also...Components connected via wire to form an electrical circuit, either active or passive. Such...Joule heating is the process where the energy of an electric current is converted into heat as it...Time constant is the product of the capacitance and the series resistance in a circuit. When a...Write the expression for the realtion between the voltage and the capacitor. V(t)=V0(1−e−tRC) Here,...The RC circuit is the circuit that contains resistor as well as the capacitor, the capacitor stores...When we look at things we see them because light from the object reflect back to our eye’s retina....Spherical mirror are the mirrors that has the shape of the piece cut of the spherical surface. The...Draw a diagram to show the direction of the plane of polarization of a polymer sheet with the...When a light travels from one medium to another medium, either it bends towards the normal or away...When electron moves from one orbit to another, energy is released or absorbed. The energy diagram is...The diffraction of light waves is associated with deviation or bending of light waves through the...Geiger counter is the instrument which is used for detecting and measuring the ionizing radiations...

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