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  • Mattel Toys and the Hazards of Lead Paint Essay

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    Mattel Corporation, known as the largest toy company in the world, is a publicly traded organization with a market capitalization of over $6.5 billion. Employing approximately 36,000 people worldwide in 43 countries, their products are well-known and sold in over 150 nations ( With such winning odds as mentioned, it is hard to imagine that a company readily known to children and adults across the globe would become even better known for the company that produced toys made with lead-based

  • Mattel 's Iconic And Best Selling Brand

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    Mattel’s iconic and best-selling brand is The Barbie. Introduced in 1959 as “The Teenage Fashion Model,” Barbie allowed girls to experience fashion and to explore various dreams, fantasies and aspirations without ever leaving home. Because of the introduction of the television in the 1950 's, companies discovered a new consumer audience among children and teenagers. The post-war era saw a strong economy advancing the middle class suburban families. Now, buying toys became a year round business versus

  • Mattel Toy Company : International Strategic Planning And Implementation

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    Management in International Business (MGM336 -1704B -02) Instructor: Edmund Winters Unit 2- International Strategic Planning and Implementation Amanda Kranning November 27, 2017 International Strategic Planning and Implementation Introduction Mattel Toy Company is a multinational organization headquartered in El Segundo, California. This company deals with the manufacturing of toys such as dolls, toys, board games among others. Founded in 1945 and since, it has been in the children’s entertainment

  • When The Dolls Were First Sold, Mattel Used The Slogan

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    When the dolls were first sold, Mattel used the slogan “We girls can do anything”. Since then it has been joined by similar phrases like “Be anything. Do everything.” and the more recent “What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything?” The message that Mattel is trying to push is that young girls will play with the doll, and by doing so will imagine themselves living vicariously through Barbie. There have been many iterations of Barbie, and Mattel proudly flaunts all the various

  • The Crisis Of Mattel

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    The previous crisis of Mattel included that the products were tainted with lead paint and that some of the products had loose little magnets. Both of these faulted products could have caused harm to the children. This is why it was decided to recall all these products and take measures to prevent this from happening in the future. Various stakeholders were affected by this crisis, for example parents, children, manufacturers and investors. Which is why Mattel had to come with a strong crisis communication

  • Mattel Inc

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    Mattel, Inc: Vendor Operations in Asia 小组成员:葛晔韬、李如妍、陈嘉、黎健兴、马迪 Introduction Mattel is a leading company in the toy industry created in 1945, which owns a number of iconic toys and renowned brands. Mattel differentiate between core and non-core products, manufacturing its core products in-house and outsourcing non-core products. And core products include Barbie, Hot Wheels products, selective Disney and Fisher Price lines, while non-core products tended to be promotional items, or toys with short

  • Barbie Dolls : The Great Eras Collection

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    Barbies so that little girls of different ethnicities don’t feel left out. According to Kristina Milnor, “between 1993 and 1997 the American toy company Mattel produced the “Great Eras Collection,” a series of Barbie dolls dressed to represent historical moments ranging from Eighteenth-Dynasty pharaonic Egypt through 1920s America” (215). Mattel released ten different Barbies in the Great Eras Collection in hopes of having a more diverse line, along with Mattel’s trademark Barbie. The ten different

  • History, Products And Profitability Indicators

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    Background: History, Products and Profitability indicators The Toy Industry of traditional toys has been around since the fourteenth century and has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. The Toy Industry big contenders are Mattel (U.S), Hasbro (U.S), and LEGO (Denmark). Products of this industry include: action figure/accessories/role play, building sets, dolls, games/puzzles, outdoor and sport toys, infant/preschool, and all other toys. The early toy industry began in Nuremberg and Groeden

  • The Inventor Of Barbie : Ruth Handler, The Daughter Of Russian Jewish Immigrants

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    inventor of Barbie was Ruth Handler, the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants who was also the president of Mattel. Ruth observed that when her daughter plays with infant dolls, she pretended to be the doll’s mother, and when playing with paper dolls, she liked to assign them adult roles as if they were real humans. When she suggested creating adult dolls to her husband Elliot, the co-founder of Mattel, he and other coworkers thought it was a poor idea that would never sell, and declined. However whilst

  • Cultural Objects : A Cultural Object Essay

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    Cultural objects can practically be found anywhere. “A cultural object may be defined as shared significance embodied in form, [In other words] it is a socially meaningful expression that is audible, visible, or tangible or that can be articulated” (SOURCE). Cultural objects tell stories, and those stories could be interpreted in numerous different ways. The significances of cultural objects vary from individual to individual, as well as location and time. So, a cultural object valued in the United