Case Study On Situational Crises Communication

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A mechanism of communication crises laying emphasis on United Airlines in a comparable situation. When there are crises, organizations usually loses its reputation due to backlash from negative stakeholders which usually turn into destructions worse than what created the crises situation originally. When stakeholders’ faults managers of the organizations for a human accident related crises, management must embrace a suitable communication strategy in order to stop or reduce the reputational damage. Coombs’s SCCT gives managers resources to find out the type of crises and the appropriate communication method to protect organizational reputation. Situational Crises Communication Theory initially
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To explore the above theory, a case study of a crisis that United Airlines experienced in April 9, 2017 that led to the company’s stock decreasing by 4% and also facing international reputational damage is employed in this paper. This crisis afflicted and included a large number of stakeholders such as customers, employees and the government. The stakeholder’s perception and answer to the crises were reviewed by a number of articles by publication houses in and out of the United States of America such as Cable News Network (CNN), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), PRNews and others. Further, communication strategies that United Airlines used in response to the crises were evaluated through the company press releases and report in the media, using the study of SCCT and relating United Airlines action to directions from…show more content…
The chosen case is the crises that United Airlines faced in April 9, 2017 when a passenger was violently dragged of the plane by an employee of the airline and needed treatment at the hospital. This particular crises is selected because it happened recently, and because it makes up some of the complexity standard or norm profiled in the theoretical framework. A lot of stakeholders were involved in and afflicted by the United Airline crises. The crises had an implication on the Aviation industry in general because of an extended concentration on flight safety. The event was characterized by live videos posted on social media and made accessible and available for everyone who wished to watch the incident as it happened, it was again characterized by unhealthy information concerning an established interpretation of the cause of the crisis. This uncertainty worsened the backlash of united on social media, radio stations and television channels with stakeholders expressing their confusion and anger. The complexity of the United Airline crisis has led to the media focusing on the organizations from April 9, 2017, the media and the government still is paying close attention to the
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