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The Carnival Cruise Lines case focuses on how Carnival Cruise Lines should strategically exploit enterprise systems and available customer data to perpetuate its success. Specifically, it focuses on the role that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can play in organizational strategy. Case Questions:
1) Highlight the key characteristics of Carnival Cruises' competitive environment (e.g., major competitors, market position, customers and distribution channels, threat of new entrants, threat of product substitutes)?
2) Describe the IT infrastructure (consider Weill’s article) at Carnival Cruise Lines and the role (current & potential) it plays supporting processes, people and strategy. Given Carnival’s IT
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Product design of fun ship depended on providing quality cruise vacations that exceed customer expectations and needs, Carnival considered it as one of its critical success factors.
Carnival’s conservative stance toward IT was also thought to have paid dividends due to the low success rate of many companies who tried the CRM approach.

2. Should CCL develop a CRM strategy? Why, and for what purpose?
Yes, because they want to know their customers better by analyzing data with the purpose of gaining new customers and increasing the loyalty from existing customers. Carnival was just beginning to experiment with loyalty program to incent customers to spend more money on board; and there was growing recognition at carnival of the value of business intelligence about customers to solve complaints. Also, the firm had the experience of a sophisticated revenue management group since 1999th at is using inventory, pricing and booking data to optimally price each cruise and understand performance of agents.

3. How should CCL approach the implementation of a CRM strategy?
Currently, CCL only devoted a fraction of a full-time equivalent employee to customer data analysis, though several data analytic projects were currently in the work. Basically CCL should take into consideration the following:
(1) Hire or contract specialized consultants to help in the implementation; (2) Verify the accuracy

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