9th Edition
Mary K. Campbell + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305961135




9th Edition
Mary K. Campbell + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305961135
Textbook Problem

REFLECT AND APPLY If you wanted to study the nature of transcription in yeast under aerobic versus anaerobic conditions, how could you use DNA microarrays to accomplish this?

Interpretation Introduction


The difference between the nature of transcription in yeast grown in aerobic and that in anaerobic conditions, using DNA microarrays, is to be explained.

Concept introduction:

The total DNA of a cell that contains all the genes is called a genome.

The total complement of proteins is called a proteome.

The whole genome of an organism can be stored in the form of a DNA library.

cDNA libraries are used to store only the active genomes of an organism.

A DNA microchip contains specific single-stranded DNA sequences, which can be used to bind with cDNA. This tells which genes are active.


A DNA microchip contains thousands of specific single-stranded DNA sequences. Samples of RNA are collected from the yeast grown in two different mediums, that is, aerobic and anaerobic. They are then converted to cDNA, which carries a different colored fluorescent tag...

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