Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications - 4th Edition - by Yunus A. Cengel Dr., John M. Cimbala - ISBN 9781259696534

Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Appli...
4th Edition
Yunus A. Cengel Dr., John M. Cimbala
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9781259696534

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Given information: The pressure of the air is 95 kPa, the initial temperature is 20°C, the final...Chapter 2, Problem 77PChapter 2, Problem 85PChapter 2, Problem 87PGiven information: The diameter of glass tube is 0.018 in, the contact angle with the glass is 140°,...Chapter 2, Problem 118PChapter 2, Problem 123PChapter 2, Problem 127PChapter 2, Problem 128PGiven: The shear stress used for the Herschel-Bulkley constitute model is τ=τν+K( du dy)m, Yield...Chapter 2, Problem 132PChapter 3, Problem 1CPChapter 3, Problem 26PChapter 3, Problem 48PChapter 3, Problem 49PChapter 3, Problem 51PChapter 3, Problem 55PChapter 3, Problem 67PChapter 3, Problem 72PChapter 3, Problem 78PChapter 3, Problem 79EPChapter 3, Problem 80PChapter 3, Problem 81PChapter 3, Problem 85PChapter 3, Problem 86PChapter 3, Problem 87PChapter 3, Problem 90PChapter 3, Problem 135PThe radius of the semi-circular gate is 0.5 m, specific gravity of fluid in section 1 is 0.91,...Chapter 3, Problem 146PChapter 4, Problem 1CPChapter 4, Problem 23PGiven information: The flow is symmetric about x axis. Write the expression for the two-dimensional...Given information: The fluid particle is located on the centre line. Write the expression for the...Chapter 4, Problem 58PChapter 4, Problem 66PThe shear strain rate is half of the rate of decrease of the angle between two perpendicular lines...The vector field of flow is V⇀=k(x2−y2)i⇀−2kxyj⇀ and the radius of curvature of streamline is R=[1+...Chapter 4, Problem 98PChapter 4, Problem 101PWrite the expression for the two dimensional Poiseuille flow. u=12μdPdx(y2−hy). Here, the distance...Given information: The velocity component along the x direction is...Chapter 4, Problem 120PChapter 4, Problem 121PChapter 5, Problem 1CPChapter 5, Problem 53PChapter 5, Problem 55PChapter 5, Problem 57EPChapter 5, Problem 62PChapter 5, Problem 80PChapter 5, Problem 84PChapter 5, Problem 88PChapter 5, Problem 89PChapter 5, Problem 98PChapter 5, Problem 109PChapter 5, Problem 114PChapter 5, Problem 115PChapter 5, Problem 116PChapter 5, Problem 136PChapter 6, Problem 1CPChapter 6, Problem 23PGiven information: The volume flow rate of the water is 35 L/s, the discharge area for the smaller...Chapter 6, Problem 57PChapter 6, Problem 67PChapter 6, Problem 69PChapter 6, Problem 70PChapter 6, Problem 77PChapter 6, Problem 78PChapter 6, Problem 89PGiven information: The length of the slit is 1.2 m, width of the rectangular slit is 5 mm, water...Chapter 6, Problem 96PChapter 7, Problem 1CPGiven information: The shaft power is W˙, the angular velocity is ω, the fluid density is ρ, the...Chapter 7, Problem 53PChapter 7, Problem 62PChapter 7, Problem 67PThe angular velocity is ω, the fluid density is ρ, the acceleration due to gravity id g, the radius...Chapter 7, Problem 74PGiven information: force pressure gradient =dPdxFlow​ : steady+ ​incomprssible down stream distance...In M-L-T system, force = mass×accelerationF = m × a{F} = {mass × meter sec 2}{F} = {M × L t 2}{F} =...Given Information: Top plate speed, Vtop Bottom plate speed, Vbottom Steady flow, incompressible, 2...Chapter 7, Problem 112PChapter 7, Problem 113PChapter 7, Problem 118PGiven information: The following figure shows that two parallel flat plates. Figure-( 1) Assume, at...Chapter 8, Problem 1CPChapter 8, Problem 61PChapter 8, Problem 73PGiven information: The temperature of the water is 70 °F, density of the water is 62.3 lbm/ft3,...Given information: The air discharge rate is 1.2 ft3/s, diameter of the vent is 5 in, length of the...Given information: The temperature of oil is 20°C, the height of cylindrical reservoir is 20 cm, the...Given information: The temperature of the water is 110°C, density of the water is 950.6 kg/m3,...Chapter 8, Problem 94PChapter 8, Problem 96PGiven Information: The diameter of the pipe is 6 cm, the length of the pipe is 33 m, the inlet...Chapter 8, Problem 136PChapter 8, Problem 137PGiven information: The diameter of the cast iron pipe is 0.35 m and the length of the cast iron pipe...Given information: The diameter of tank 1 is 30 cm, diameter of tank 2 is 12 cm, diameter of orifice...Chapter 8, Problem 153PGiven information: The swimming pool diameter is 10 m, the swimming pool height is 2 m, the...Chapter 8, Problem 159PThe following figure represents the branched pipes. Figure-(1) Write the expression for the area of...Chapter 9, Problem 1CPChapter 9, Problem 16PGiven information: The incompressible flow filed for which the velocity u component is u=ax2−bxy,...Given information: The velocity component in θ direction is equal to 0. Write the expression for...Given information: The diameter at the entrance of the nozzle is 0.50 in, the diameter at exit of...Chapter 9, Problem 87PChapter 9, Problem 93PGiven information: The flow is steady, laminar, two-dimensional and incompressible. The flow is...Chapter 9, Problem 101PChapter 9, Problem 102PChapter 9, Problem 103PGiven information: The assumptions made are stated below: The flow is parallel, steady, and laminar....Chapter 9, Problem 123PChapter 10, Problem 1CPGiven information: Actual stokes law is FD=3πμDV+(9π/16)ρV2D2. Three aluminum balls of diameters 2...First, we need to use continuity equation for velocity component. From continuity equation, We have,...Chapter 10, Problem 29PGiven: h0=sleeper pad=11000h1=final height of sleeper=12000 lenght=1.0 Concept Used: Convergence of...Chapter 10, Problem 62PChapter 10, Problem 69PChapter 10, Problem 90PChapter 10, Problem 91PChapter 10, Problem 97PChapter 10, Problem 108PChapter 10, Problem 110PChapter 10, Problem 113PGiven information: The density of air is 0.8588 kg/m3, the temperature of air is −50°C the pressure...Chapter 11, Problem 1CPChapter 11, Problem 41EPChapter 11, Problem 43PChapter 11, Problem 48PChapter 11, Problem 68PChapter 11, Problem 88PChapter 11, Problem 96PChapter 11, Problem 101EPGiven information: Length=3 m Diameter=0.5 m Atmospheric pressure=87 kPa Temperature=20∘C=295 K...Given information: Mass of tractor=17,000 kg Frontal area=9.2 m2 Rolling resistance coefficient=0.05...Given information: Diameter=2 mm ρs=2600 kgm3ρf=1274 kgm3 Vexperimental=3.2 mms μ=1 kgm⋅s Concept...Given information: The diameter of the first aluminum ball is 2 mm, the diameter of the second...Given information: The diameter of the ball is 2 mm, the density of the ball is 2700 kg/m3, the...Chapter 12, Problem 1CPGiven: Air pressure, air temperature and Mach number are 14 psia, 40°F and 2 respectively. Flow...Given: The upstream the shock is given by, Pressure of air P1=58kPa Temperature of air T1=270K Mach...Given: The properties of air are: k = 1.4R = 0.287 kJ/kg·K,cp = 1.005 kJ/kg·K The properties of...Chapter 12, Problem 102PGiven: Temperature T1 = 480R Velocity V1=100 m/s Pressure P1=8 psia Mach number Ma1=2.0 Force...Chapter 12, Problem 126EPGiven: Ambient temperature at inlet T1= 500 K Stagnation Pressure P01=P1=220 psia Exit pressure P2 =...Given: The properties of air: R =0.280 kJ/kg.K cp=1.005 kJ/kg.K k=1.33 Inlet Temperature T1=510K...Given: Mach number k=1.2,1.4 and 1.6 range of 0≤Ma≤1. Calculation: Equation is given by m. R T 0...Chapter 13, Problem 1CPGiven Information: The water flow rate is 10 m3/s and the bottom slope is 0.0015 Write the...Given Information: The figure below represents the cross -section of three channels. Figure-(1) The...Given Information: The figure below shows the cross -section of the channel. Figure-(1) The bottom...Chapter 13, Problem 61PChapter 13, Problem 85PGiven information: Velocity of water flow is 10 m/s, the flow depth is 0.65 m, the bump height is 30...Given Information: The flow depth of upstream weir is 5 ft and the height of the gate opening is 1.1...Given information: The flow depth before the jump is 0.7 m, the flow depth after the jump is 5 m,...Given information: The channel angle is 0.5°. Write the expression for flow rate using manning's...Chapter 13, Problem 140PGiven information: Water is flowing through a sluice gate, the velocity of water before reaching the...Chapter 13, Problem 143PChapter 13, Problem 144PGiven information: The height of bump is 20 cm, initial velocity of flow is 1.25 m/s, the flow depth...Chapter 13, Problem 167PChapter 14, Problem 1CPChapter 14, Problem 35EPChapter 14, Problem 36EPChapter 14, Problem 41PChapter 14, Problem 47EPChapter 14, Problem 55EPChapter 14, Problem 56EPChapter 14, Problem 57EPChapter 14, Problem 61PChapter 14, Problem 62PGiven information: The number of rotations of centrifugal pump is 750 rpm. The inlet radius is 12 cm...Given information: The number of rotations of centrifugal pump is 750 rpm. The inlet radius is 12 cm...Given information: The diameter of the turbine A is 1.50 mand the number of rotation for the turbine...Chapter 14, Problem 123PChapter 15, Problem 1CP

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