Why Is Communication Important For Health Care?

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What is communication?
Communication is method of sharing information such as non-verbal & verbal communication

Why is communication so important in health care?
Communication is important because it allows service user and carers to see if the service user is distressed, hot/cold or needs help.so you can assess their needs to make a care plan. If the carer is absent or away the person who stands in knows what to do easily.

Verbal communication

Why is verbal communication important to health care?
We use verbal communication to inform the service user, whether it is to inform others of our needs or to impart knowledge. Clarification is a key component of verbal communication. Often, we do not articulate ourselves clearly, or our words or actions are misconstrued. Verbal communication helps to clarify misunderstandings and provides missing information.

What is verbal communication?
A variety of challenges may arise when using verbal communication to express oneself. Misunderstandings can easily arise because of poor word choice, differing perspectives and faulty communication. Techniques they use to communicate using hearing aids, voice boxes, sound, tone of voice, Authority and language, and subjective opinions regarding acceptable language may result in breakdowns in communication.

This refers to how fast or slow you speak. In a nursery if you speak really quickly the child listening to you may not be able to hear or keep up with everything you say.in a care home…
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