Conceptual Physical Science Explorations - 2nd Edition - by Paul G. Hewitt, Leslie A. Hewitt, John A Suchocki - ISBN 9780321567918
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Conceptual Physical Science Explorations
2nd Edition
Paul G. Hewitt, Leslie A. Hewitt, John A Suchocki
Publisher: Addison Wesley
ISBN: 9780321567918

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1. About Science I. MECHANICS 2. Newton's First Law of Motion - Inertia 3. Newton's Second Law of Motion - Force and Acceleration 4. Newton's Third Law of Motion - Action and Reaction 5. Momentum 6. Energy 7. Gravity 8. Fluid Mechanics II. FORMS OF ENERGY 9. Heat 10. Electricity 11. Magnetism 12. Waves and Sound 13. Light and Color 14. Properties of Light 15. The Atom 16. Nuclear Energy III. CHEMISTRY 17. Elements of Chemistry 18. How Atoms Bond and Molecules Attract 19. How Chemicals Mix 20. How Chemicals React 21. Two Types of Chemical Reactions 22. Organic Compounds 23. The Chemistry of Drugs 24. Nutrition IV. EARTH SCIENCE 25. Rocks and Minerals 26. Earth's Interior 27. Plate Tectonics 28. Earth's Surface Features 29. Earth History Over Time 30. Oceans and Atmosphere 31. Driving Forces of Weather V. ASTRONOMY 32. The Solar System 33. Stars and Galaxies 34. The Structure of Space and Time Appendix A. Systems of Measurement Appendix B. Linear Motion Appendix C. Vectors Appendix D. Physics of Fluids Appendix E. Exponential Growth and Doubling Time Appendix F. Safety

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