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A gas heater shown below in cross-section consists of a square sheet metal duct insulated on the outside. A 5-cm OD steel pipe passes through the center of the duct and the pipe wall is maintained at 250C by condensing steam flowing through the pipe. Air at 20C will be fed to the heater at a rate of 0.35 kg/s.
(a) Calculate the equivalent diameter for the heater.
(b) Calculate the length of the heater required to heat the air stream to 60

Ans. (a) De = 0.1083 m. (b) 8.1 m.














Insulated on
all four sides
Condensing stea

Image Transcriptionclose

15cm Air Insulated on all four sides Condensing stea


Expert Answer

Step 1

Part (a)

The formula to calculate the equivalent diameter of the heater is:

Step 2

Now, substitute the given information in the above formula to calculate the value of the equivalent diameter as:

Step 3

Part (b)

Answer to this part may vary due to the data taken for air fro...


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