Organic And Biological Chemistry

7th Edition
STOKER + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305081079



Organic And Biological Chemistry

7th Edition
STOKER + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305081079
Textbook Problem

Severe ketosis situations produce acidosis. Explain.

Interpretation Introduction


The production of acidosis through severe ketosis has to be explained.

Concept introduction:

Due to the carbohydrate-lipid imbalance in the body, the excess of aectyl CoA produced by the degradation of fatty acid molecules undergo ketogenesis to form ketone bodies. Ketone bodies are sources of energy to the body under adverse conditions like prolonged starvation. The three ketone bodies are acetoacetate, β-hydroxybutyrate and acetone. While the former two are produced in the mitochondria of the liver cells, the third one is produced in the bloodstream by the degeneration of acetoacetate.


The structures of the three ketone bodies are as follows:

From the structures, it can be observed that two of the ketone bodies (ace...

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Sect-14.3 P-3QQSect-14.4 P-1QQSect-14.4 P-2QQSect-14.4 P-3QQSect-14.4 P-4QQSect-14.4 P-5QQSect-14.4 P-6QQSect-14.5 P-1QQSect-14.5 P-2QQSect-14.5 P-3QQSect-14.6 P-1QQSect-14.6 P-2QQSect-14.6 P-3QQSect-14.6 P-4QQSect-14.6 P-5QQSect-14.6 P-6QQSect-14.7 P-1QQSect-14.7 P-2QQSect-14.7 P-3QQSect-14.7 P-4QQSect-14.7 P-5QQSect-14.7 P-6QQSect-14.8 P-1QQSect-14.8 P-2QQSect-14.9 P-1QQSect-14.9 P-2QQSect-14.9 P-3QQSect-14.9 P-4QQSect-14.10 P-1QQSect-14.10 P-2QQSect-14.10 P-3QQSect-14.11 P-1QQSect-14.11 P-2QQSect-14.11 P-3QQCh-14 P-14.1EPCh-14 P-14.2EPCh-14 P-14.3EPCh-14 P-14.4EPCh-14 P-14.5EPCh-14 P-14.6EPCh-14 P-14.7EPCh-14 P-14.8EPCh-14 P-14.9EPCh-14 P-14.10EPCh-14 P-14.11EPCh-14 P-14.12EPCh-14 P-14.13EPCh-14 P-14.14EPCh-14 P-14.15EPCh-14 P-14.16EPCh-14 P-14.17EPCh-14 P-14.18EPCh-14 P-14.19EPCh-14 P-14.20EPCh-14 P-14.21EPCh-14 P-14.22EPCh-14 P-14.23EPCh-14 P-14.24EPCh-14 P-14.25EPCh-14 P-14.26EPCh-14 P-14.27EPCh-14 P-14.28EPCh-14 P-14.29EPCh-14 P-14.30EPCh-14 P-14.31EPCh-14 P-14.32EPCh-14 P-14.33EPCh-14 P-14.34EPCh-14 P-14.35EPCh-14 P-14.36EPCh-14 P-14.37EPCh-14 P-14.38EPCh-14 P-14.39EPCh-14 P-14.40EPCh-14 P-14.41EPCh-14 P-14.42EPCh-14 P-14.43EPCh-14 P-14.44EPCh-14 P-14.45EPCh-14 P-14.46EPCh-14 P-14.47EPCh-14 P-14.48EPCh-14 P-14.49EPCh-14 P-14.50EPCh-14 P-14.51EPCh-14 P-14.52EPCh-14 P-14.53EPCh-14 P-14.54EPCh-14 P-14.55EPCh-14 P-14.56EPCh-14 P-14.57EPCh-14 P-14.58EPCh-14 P-14.59EPCh-14 P-14.60EPCh-14 P-14.61EPCh-14 P-14.62EPCh-14 P-14.63EPCh-14 P-14.64EPCh-14 P-14.65EPCh-14 P-14.66EPCh-14 P-14.67EPCh-14 P-14.68EPCh-14 P-14.69EPCh-14 P-14.70EPCh-14 P-14.71EPCh-14 P-14.72EPCh-14 P-14.73EPCh-14 P-14.74EPCh-14 P-14.75EPCh-14 P-14.76EPCh-14 P-14.77EPCh-14 P-14.78EPCh-14 P-14.79EPCh-14 P-14.80EPCh-14 P-14.81EPCh-14 P-14.82EPCh-14 P-14.83EPCh-14 P-14.84EPCh-14 P-14.85EPCh-14 P-14.86EPCh-14 P-14.87EPCh-14 P-14.88EPCh-14 P-14.89EPCh-14 P-14.90EPCh-14 P-14.91EPCh-14 P-14.92EPCh-14 P-14.93EPCh-14 P-14.94EPCh-14 P-14.95EPCh-14 P-14.96EPCh-14 P-14.97EPCh-14 P-14.98EPCh-14 P-14.99EPCh-14 P-14.100EPCh-14 P-14.101EPCh-14 P-14.102EPCh-14 P-14.103EPCh-14 P-14.104EPCh-14 P-14.105EPCh-14 P-14.106EPCh-14 P-14.107EPCh-14 P-14.108EPCh-14 P-14.109EPCh-14 P-14.110EPCh-14 P-14.111EPCh-14 P-14.112EPCh-14 P-14.113EPCh-14 P-14.114EP

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