BIOLOGY - 12th Edition - by Raven - ISBN 9781260169614
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12th Edition
Publisher: RENT MCG
ISBN: 9781260169614

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Reason for the correct statement: The prokaryotes do not have a nucleus the nuclear material is...Cell division is an important event in which the division of parental cells leads to the two or more...The problems related to self-fertilization or cross-fertilization were found if the Mendel had...Mendel did not examine plant height and pot shape in his dihybrid cross and the Gene's for these...The X-ray crystallography of the DNA is found by Rosalind Franklin. The structural properties of the...Beadle and Tatum selected mutants that can survive and grow on minimal medium with arginine. This...The phenotype of a repressor mutation in which binding of DNA is prevented would be the expression...Humans are the eukaryotic diploid organisms, in which 23 pairs or 46 chromosomes are present. The...The fewest number of clones that could be used to construct the physical maps is clone A and clone...The different cells of the body undergo diverse cell fate due to molecule signalling and...The alleles for the color of the coat of the cat consist of dominant and recessive alleles. The...Darwin’s finches are an example of evolution by natural selection. Darwin observed that the species...Adaptive radiation is an important concept in evolutionary biology. The adaptive radiation is one of...The matrix of six animal species showing different vertebrate characters. Traits: OrganismAmniotic...Thesize of the human genome is 3384 megabase pairs, whereas the genome size of rice, Oryza sativa is...Reason for the correct statement: Miller and Urey created an artificial environment in the...Reason for the correct answer: Retroviruses possess the reverse transcriptase enzyme. This is...The plasmid and the fragments of the genetic material can be excised with the help of specific...Pictorial representation: The figure represents the phylogenetic relationship between red, green,...The origins of tracheophytes: Tracheophytes are also called as vascular plants. The vascular plants...The pollen tube is a tube through which the sperm from the pollen reaches the egg cells and...Cryptoporous volvatus is the fungus that produces spores to produce the more daughter cells. The...Acoelomate, pseudocoelomate, and coelomate do not serve as reliable indicators of phylogenetic...Reason for the correct statement: Flame cells, which are present in the flatworm poses an excretory...Paraphyletic taxon includes only common ancestors but not all of its descendants. It is known for...The meristem is classified by their location in the plant as lateral (in vascular and cork cambia),...The solute potential of the solution and the cell before equilibrium is -0.5 MPa and -0.2 MPa...A tree trunk is the stem and major wooden axis of a tree. The tree trunk is an essential...Ricin is the combination of two compounds, ricin A and ricin B, in which ricin A is less toxic and...The red light is absorbed by the leaves at a greater rate than the far-red light, as the sunlight...The embryogenesis refers to the process taking place after the fertilization of an ovule producing a...In the given graph, it is predicted that small mammals, with a proportionately larger surface area,...The graded potential (mV) in the axonal membrane is shown below: 1-represents the weak excitation...The wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) light is shorter than the blue light given in the figure. The...A metamorphosis is an important event of tadpole life. Metamorphosis refers to the transformation of...When the somatic motor neuron delivers electrochemical impulses, it stimulates the contraction of...The length of the small intestine is approximately 4.5 m. However, the surface area of the small...The rate of diffusion is affected by several factors like increase in surface area, temperature,...The size of blood vessels varies in each one of them. The aorta has the largest radius, while the...Reabsorption refers to the selective movement of solutes, like amino acids, glucose, and several...The availability of huge amounts of pure monoclonal antibodies has let the development of highly...Menstruation is the monthly bleeding in women. During the end of the menstrual cycle, the level of...Neural crest cell under the surface of ectoderm differentiates into pigment cells of the skin....The behavioural variation in the rats was determined by an experiment throughout several...The tropical lizard has a behavioral system that helps it to manage a fairly uniform temperature of...An ecotone separates serpentine soil and normal soil. In this area, the normal soil is 7-8m apart...The clearing of the forest cover of Hubbard Brook in the year 1965 and 1966 lead to a runoff of a...Some regions of the earth’s surface receive more energy from the Sun as compared to others. Seasonal...The conservation of the hotspots or endemic species-rich areas is essential to protect the world’s...

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