Exploring Chemical Analysis - 5th Edition - by Daniel C. Harris - ISBN 9781429275033

Exploring Chemical Analysis
5th Edition
Daniel C. Harris
Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education
ISBN: 9781429275033

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Chapter 0 The Analytical Process Cocaine Use? Ask the River 0-1 The Analytical Chemist's Job 0-2 General Steps in a Chemical Analysis Box 0-1 Constructing a Representative Sample

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The mean values for method 1 and method 2 are first calculated as follows, Enzyme activity(5...The raw data resemble individual measurements. They are directly measured like measuring volume from...The standard deviation value for the 9 given samples is calculated as follows, Mean, x¯ =...Equivalence point is achieved when the exact amount of titrant (known concentration) is added to...Given data is, Reaction : 5Oxalic acid + 2MnO4 + 6H+ → 10CO2 + 2Mn2+ + 8H2O The moles of oxalic acid...Given, 25.42mg of sample. 29.03mg of silver iodide. Let n be the number of CH3CH2O- groups in the...Since formic acid is a Bronsted-Lowry acid, it donates proton when it reacts with cyanide ion. The...As known, Ka of HCN is 6.2 × 10−10. The value of Kb of HCN is calculated as, Kb = KwKa = 1 ×...The equation as follows, OCl−(aq) + H2O(l) ⇌ HOCl(aq) + OH−(aq) As known, Kb = [HOCl][OH−][OCl−]...The given compound Cr(ClO4)3 is dissociates into Cr3+ and ClO4-. Cr3+ ion is acidic in nature and...Addition of acid to a buffer solution does not bring any change in pH of solution. It is due to...The formula to calculate concentration of glycine amide (B) is as follows: [B]=(mass of Bmolar mass...The equilibrium reaction for imidazole with equilibrium constant Kb is as follows:...Before the equivalence point is reached any volume of H+ consumes the corresponding stoichiometric...The dilution formula is given as follows: M1V1=M2V2 (1) Substitute 0.05 M for M1, 0.500 M for M2 ,...Dilution formula is given as follows: M1V1=M2V2 (1) Substitute 1.00 M for M1, 0.1 M for M2 , 100 mL...Initial point at A corresponds to weak acid H2A. Thus formal concentration of weak acid H2A is used...First equilibrium reaction for malonic acid that is designated as Ka1 is as follows: H2M⇌Ka1HM−+H+...The compound B is a dibasic compound thus, it requires two protons. Acceptance of one proton...In accordance to Henderson Hasselbach equation pH is calculated as follows: pH=pK1+log[HA−][H2A] (1)...Anion is surrounded by more number of cation than anions, similarly cation are surrounded by more...Equilibrium for PbF2 written as follows: PbF2⇌Pb2++2F− Assume [Pb2+] is same as [F−] equal to x....Equilibrium for CaSO4 written as follows: CaSO4⇌Ca2++SO42− Assume [Ca2+] is same as [SO42−] equal to...Formula to calculate [H+] is given as follows: [H+]=10−pH (1) Substitute 10.50 for pH in equation...Rearrange equation (1) for moles of solute. Moles of solute=[(Molarity of solution(M))(Volume (L) of...Expression for Kf' is as follows: Kf'=(αY4−)(Kf) (1) Here, Kf' is conditional rate constant. Kf is...Expression for Kf' is as follows: Kf'=(αY4−)(Kf) (1) Here, Kf' is conditional rate constant. Kf is...Electric charge is defined as physical property of matter due to that it experiences a force when...The half cell reaction at cathode is as follows: AgCl+2e−→2Ag+2Cl− Expression of Nernst equation for...Reduction half cell reaction in anodic half cell is as follows: Br2(l)+2e−⇌2Br− Reduction half cell...Since Cu electrode is attached to postive terminal of potentiometer it serves as cathode and...Titration reaction is written as follows: Hg22++2Cl−⇌Hg2Cl2(s) (1) Dilution formula is given as...Expression to compute potential of ion selective electrode is given as follows:...Given titration reaction is as follows: Ce4++Fe2+→Ce3++Fe3+ Reduction half-cell reaction of...In this reaction, Ce4+, acts as an oxidizing agent. It oxidizes Cu+ to Cu2+ and itself reduced to...The basic idea of electrogravimetric analysis is if energy is supplied from external source to...Formula to calculate moles is as follows: n=PVRT (1) Substitute 303 K for T, 0.996 bar for P, 0.082...Equilibrium for dissociation of is given as follows: H2SO3⇌HSO3−+H+ Value of pH is calculated by...Planck’s hypothesis states energy associated with photon in terms of frequency is as follows: E=hv...Conversion factor to convert nm to m is as follows: 1 nm=10−9 m Thus, 250 nm is converted to m as...Since 1 mol NH3 has 1 mol N, and mass of 1 mol N is 14.007 g/mol, thus mass of N in 28.6 % NH3 is...Single beam spectrophotometer has a separate mount for blank cuvette before the test run. In double...Relation between path length and dimension is as follows: D=b(ε'Xε"Y−ε'Yε"X) (1) Substitute 420...Expression to compute concentration as per Beer’s law is as follows: c=Aε⋅b (1) Substitute 0.463 for...Advantages of flame atomic absorption spectroscopy over furnace are listed as follows: 1. Relatively...Conversion factor to convert nm to m is as follows: 1 nm=10−9 m Thus, 422.7 nm is converted to m as...Phenomenon that allows analyte injected within a chromatographic column to get separated when the...Assume most abundant isotope are used for each atom in 12C9H17N5Cl+, mass of this ion is calculated...Odd nominal mass of 79 suggests there are odd numbers of N atoms. So it can be 1, 3 or any odd...In wall-coated open tubular column, liquid stationary phase is bonded to the wall of column. In...Particle size has a significant impact on the analyte band. For smaller sized particles at very low...Expression to compute number of theoretical plate is as follows: N=5.55 tr2w1/22 (1) Substitute 50...pKa of hexanoic acid is 5.09 and pKa of 1-aminohexane is 10.21, hence at pH 12.0, the reaction...pH of cloud water is calculated as follows: pH=−log10[H+]=−log10(131×10−6)=3.883 Hence, pH of cloud...The relative standard deviation of 14.4 % of 0.2 μg L−1 is calculated as follows: (0.2 μg...

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