University Physics Volume 3

17th Edition
William Moebs + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168185

University Physics Volume 3

17th Edition
William Moebs + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168185
Textbook Problem

An electron can interact with a nucleus through the beta-decay process:

   Z A X + e Y + v e

  1. Write the complete reaction equation for electron
  2. capture by 7 B e .

  • Calculate the energy released.
  • To determine


    The reaction equation for electron capture by 7Be.



    Electron capture is the process in which the protein-rich nucleus of an electrically neutral atom, absorbs on inner atom generally from K and L shell. This process changes a nuclear proton to nuclear neutron and causes the emission of an electron neutron. It the most widely used process for the activation and deactivation of mass.

    Interaction of an electron with nucleus through β- the decay process in the following the way,

      ZAx+e-Y+νe --------------------------------------- (A)

    For nuclear capture, if n and m are atomic number and product is "s", then the relation is,

      n+m =s ---------------------------- (1)

    IF p and q are mass of the reactant and "r" is the product, then the relation is,

      p+q = r ----------------------------- (2)

    Beryllium's atomic number is 4 and that e- is 1.

    Substitute n = 4 and m= -1 in equation (1)

      4 – 1 = s

    Therefore, s=3

    New element formed is lithium,

    The mass given in the problem is 7 and that of e is "O". The atomic mass and parent nucleus and daughter nucleus are the same

    To determine


    The energy released in the β- process.

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