Chemistry: Principles and Reactions

8th Edition
William L. Masterton + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305079373



Chemistry: Principles and Reactions

8th Edition
William L. Masterton + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305079373
Textbook Problem

Ammonium carbamate solid (NH4CO2NH2) decomposes at 313 K into ammonia and carbon dioxide gases. At equilibrium, analysis shows that there are 0.0451 atm of CO2, 0.0961 atm of ammonia, and 0.159 g of ammonium carbamate.

(a) Write a balanced equation for the decomposition of one mole of NH4CO2NH2.

(b) Calculate K at 313 K.

Interpretation Introduction



A balanced chemical reaction for the decomposition of 1 mol of ammonium carbamate should be determined.

Concept introduction:

A chemical reaction is said to be balanced if there are equal number of constituent atoms present on both sides of the reaction arrow.


The decomposition reaction of ammonium carbamate solid NH4CO2NH2(s) gives ammonia and carbon dioxide gases.

The reaction is shown as follows:


Give coefficient 2 to NH3(g) to balance the number of nitrogen and hydrogen atoms

Interpretation Introduction



The equilibrium constant for the given reaction at 313 K should be calculated.

Concept introduction:

For a general equilibrium reaction as follows:


The expression for equilibrium constant of a reaction can be calculated as follows:


Here, A and B are reactants with stoichiometric coefficient a and b respectively. Similarly, C and D are products with stoichiometric coefficient c and d respectively

In the expression for equilibrium constant, the species in pure solid and liquid state are not written as equilibrium constant does not depend on them.

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