Quantitative Chemical Analysis - 9th Edition - by Daniel C. Harris - ISBN 9781464135385
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Quantitative Chemical Analysis
9th Edition
Daniel C. Harris
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 9781464135385

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The gold standard in analytical chemistry, Dan Harris' Quantitative Chemical Analysis provides a sound physical understanding of the principles of analytical chemistry and their applications in the disciplines.

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Explanation: Given, Dissociation of the given acid H2SO3⇌ HSO3-+H+ 0.050-x x x x20.050-x=K1=...Explanation: Given that volume of acid, HCl and it is denoted by Va. Given the strength ( M1 ) and...Explanation: To calculate the concentration of K+ ion in the original sample EDTA Given, Volume of...Explanation: The given solution containing 0.010 mol hydroxybenzene (HA), 0.030 mol dimethyamine...Explanation: Given data: Eo=1.35 V To calculate: cell voltage The cell voltage = 1.35V. Because of...Explanation: Given: The titration reaction is a reduction reaction. Ag++e-⇌Ag(s) The cell voltage of...Given Amount of solution of Sn2+ = 20.0 mL Strength of Sn2+ solution = 0.00500 M Strength of Ce4+...Explanation: To determine: The voltage required to electrolyze sodium sulfate with given current and...Given information: Transmittance = 45.0 %. Apply the Beer’s law to calculate the value of absorbance...Explanation: From absorbance, the concentration can be calculated as,...Explanation: Given λ= 10.00 μmand 10.01 μm the value of λ= 10.00 μm and Δλ0.01 μm λΔλ= 10.000.01 =...Explanation: The Li standard contained 1.62 μg Li/mL . Graph, that has intensity against the...Explanation: The width which is present at half-height is 0.60mz The given peak at m/z = 53 Now,...Explanation: Given information, Partition coefficient value is 4.0. Extracted volume of phase 1 is...Explanation: The retention index of the compounds is based on the overall polarity phases and the...Explanation: Peak area of A is 5.97 . Peak area of B is 6.38 . AreaA[A] = F(AreaB[B])10.86[1.03] =...Explanation: To determine the volume of 0.023 1 M NaOH is needed to titrate the eluate form...Given Formula mass of an organic compound = 417g/mol Amount of the sample = 25.42 mg Amount of...Explanation: The given box contains 12000 red marbles and 88000 yellow marbles. The given random...

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