Practical Operations Management - 2nd Edition - by Simpson - ISBN 9781939297136

Practical Operations Management
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781939297136

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Practical Operations Management Second Edition portrays operations management as a human endeavor, inviting students to examine a wide variety of operations through the eyes of an analyst. Each chapter is threaded with an evolving case study that features the analyst at work in a broad range of settings.  Specifically designed and developed for students with readable chapter lengths and far fewer pages than the market leaders, POM covers all core topics in Operations and  Supply Chain Management as well as innovative coverage of sustainability and incident and disruption management.

The Second Edition features significant expansion of coverage in supply chain management, quality, process and strategy, and project management along with new illustrations and captions, graphics, and problems and cases.

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Effective capacity represents the potential of a system to utilize its designed capacity. The...Given information: customer arrival (λ)=14 per hrserved customer (μ)=603 λ=14 per hourμ= 603=20 per...Given information: (λ)=15 per hour(μ)=18 trucks per hour Explanation: Average number of waiting LQ =...Given information:the scenario meets the assumptions of M/M/1 model arrival rate(λ) = 9 cars per...Given information: average cars per hour(λ)=100per hourservice rate(μ) = 240 per hourno.of vehicles...It might be desirable to have some idle time for workers: When the idle time cannot be utilized for...Potential disadvantages of the critical path methodology: Labour resources are not considered....The estimated task time can be computed by adding optimistic time, mostly likely time multiplied by...Project network diagram for given information: The below image shows the project network with the...Calculate the estimated task time: TaskImmediate predecessorsOptimistic timeMost likely...Every planned location for a project although having all favorable factors could face potential...The following is the available information: FactorWeightLocation 1Location 2Location 3Cost of...Under supplier position model, the purchasing manager decides how much a supplier is valuable for...Given information: A tender invitation for a consulting project was sent and four companies have...The procurement department of H hotels is evaluating tenders for its newest hotel resort. Four...The procurement department of H hotels is evaluating tenders for its newest hotel resort. Four...Given information: The given formula is, economic order quantity=2×D×SH It is a measure to determine...Given information: It is given that daily demand of the electric energy drink is 25bottles per day,...Number of units demanded = 14,600 per year Production rate per day = 160 units Daily demand of units...Demand for desert = 30,000 per year Production rate = 125 per day Set up cost = $4 Cost of dessert =...Safety stock is calculated by subtracting the demand value from the reorder point. Demand value is...Aggregate planning is more important than material requirement planning. This is because aggregate...It is given that the beginning inventory of October is 300 tons and the ending inventory of October...Demand of the product for 5 months is given as 200,50,200,200 and 150 respectively. Beginning...All figures are in ‘000. For month 1: Calculation of average inventory:: Average inventory = (Bi+...Required unit of production = 2,000,000 Number of workers employed = 500 Time required to assemble...The firm has not replaced its inventory with the intention to be lean. Lean operation will succeed...If the company is adopting traditional schedule, the number of days required to produce Product A...In the given scenario, sample is normal distributed as mean, median and mode is same. So, there are...Given information: The data is given as below. Sample Sample mean Sample range 1350.85 ml0.6...Number ofSample sizeSampleRed Candy11050212503115041050585061350711508950Total84 400 Mean, X¯ =...Scheduling an activity automatically does not assure that value will be created at the bottleneck...Given information: The owner of an in HM Catering Company has four jobs to deliver today, shown in...Given information: The table below contains the information about five jobs waiting to be processed...Black Swan events which are part of the unknown unknowns, are unexpected and it cause disruptions in...Given information: The A Hotel has the 56 rooms. A rented room represents $150 in profit, while...Given information: D. T. is designing a new workhorse satellite to eventually replace all the...

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13th Edition
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