Practical Operations Management - 2nd Edition - by Simpson - ISBN 9781939297136
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Practical Operations Management
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781939297136

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Practical Operations Management Second Edition portrays operations management as a human endeavor, inviting students to examine a wide variety of operations through the eyes of an analyst. Each chapter is threaded with an evolving case study that features the analyst at work in a broad range of settings.  Specifically designed and developed for students with readable chapter lengths and far fewer pages than the market leaders, POM covers all core topics in Operations and  Supply Chain Management as well as innovative coverage of sustainability and incident and disruption management.

The Second Edition features significant expansion of coverage in supply chain management, quality, process and strategy, and project management along with new illustrations and captions, graphics, and problems and cases.

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Practical Operations Management
13th Edition
ISBN: 9781939297006

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