Biology: How Life Works - 3rd Edition - by James Morris, Daniel Hartl, Andrew Knoll, Melissa Michael, Robert Lue, Andrew Berry, Andrew Biewener, Brian Farrell, N. Michele Holbrook - ISBN 9781319017637
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Biology: How Life Works
3rd Edition
James Morris, Daniel Hartl, Andrew Knoll, Melissa Michael, Robert Lue, Andrew Berry, Andrew Biewener, Brian Farrell, N. Michele Holbrook
Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education
ISBN: 9781319017637

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The major function of the ECM is to provide structural support to the cell. In plants, ECM is seen...Oncogenes: Oncogenes can cause cancer. They may be mutated or highly expressed in a cell. They can...Pictorial representation: The restriction fragments produced by restriction enzymes can either have...Explanation: The steps necessary to synthesize mRNA from double stranded DNA are as follows: 1. The...The agents that have the potential to cause permanent changes in the genetic structure of an...Law of independent assortment states that: 1. Each pair of the factors assorts or segregates...Mitochondria generally demonstrate strictly maternal inheritance in both humans and other mammals....Explanation: Genes that are few with larger effects are easier to identify. When there is a larger...Explanation: When the large protein molecule binds with a small molecule of protein it leads to...Pictorial representation: Fig 1: Pathway of signal transduction. Fig 1: Pathway of signal...Explanation: To know when two species diverged, their nucleotide sequences or may be amino acids...Explanation: Genetic divergence is defined as process which occurs when two or more populations of...Phylogenies based on structural or molecular comparisons of living organisms create hypotheses about...Clothing and imaginatively constructed shelters are examples of the human capacity to transmit their...Earth is about 4.6 billion years of age. There are some sedimentary rocks that have survived in the...The eukaryotic cell or domain first appeared no later than 1800 million years ago and probably...In the atmosphere and surface of the oceans, the oxygen started to concentrate nearly about 2400...Explanation: The four adaptations of roots that enhance the uptake of nutrients from the soil are as...Explanation: In plants, asexual reproduction takes place by fragmentation, grafting, layering,...The photoperiodism ensures that the flowering takes place only when the size of plant is appropriate...Pictorial representation: Fig.1: The diversification of different species of the milkweed species....The wind-pollinated angiosperms usually have small flowers but have a large amount of pollen...Fungi have accumulated many evolutionary features over the course of time. The innovations that led...Cambrian explosion is the term that indicates a burst of animal diversity. During the Cambrian...Pictorial representation: Fig. 1: The four lobes of the brain. The four lobes of the brain are: (1)...Pictorial representation: Fig.1: The parts of the tibia bone. The outer layer of the bone is...Explanation: The difference between the action of a neurotransmitter, a hormone, a paracrine signal...Pictorial representation: Fig.1 - Path of blood flow in fish. Fig.2: The blood flow diagram in...The breakdown of food in invertebrates such as fishes, reptile, birds, and earthworms is carried out...Pictorial representation: Fig.1: A mammalian nephron. A mammalian nephron consists of three parts,...Pictorial representation: Fig 1: The spermatogenesis in male and oogenesis in female. The process of...Explanation: There are some ways in which a microorganism can evades from the attack of host’s...Pictorial representation: Fig 1: Phylogenetic relationship between birds, snakes and lizards. As...The natural selection operates on the individual level and not on the group level. So if an organism...Difference between Metapopulation and population: MetapopulationPopulationThe collection of...Explanation: The lemming has two species in the Bylot Island in the Canadian territory of Nunavut....Animals, plants as well as microbes obtain necessary compounds like carbon, energy, and organic...Nutrient limitation and climate play major roles in determining the primary productivity of...

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ISBN: 9781319056919

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