College Physics

11th Edition
Raymond A. Serway + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305952300



College Physics

11th Edition
Raymond A. Serway + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305952300
Textbook Problem

An uncharged series RC circuit is to be connected across a battery. For each of the following changes, determine whether the time for the capacitor to reach 90% of its final charge would increase, decrease, or remain unchanged. Indicate your answers with “I,” “D,” or “U,” respectively. (a) The RC time constant τ is doubled. (b) The battery voltage is doubled. (c) A second resistor is added in series with the original resistor.


To determine
The effect of doubling the time constant on the charging time.


The time constant is given by,


  • R is the resistance.
  • C is the capacitance


To determine
The effect of doubling the battery voltage.


To determine
The effect of adding a resistor in series to the original resistor.

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