College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168000



College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168000
Textbook Problem

56Feis among the most tightly bound of all nuclides. It is more than 90% of natural iron. Note that 56Fe has even numbers of both protons and neutrons. Calculate BE/A, the binding energy per nucleon, for 56Fe and compare it with the approximate value obtained from the graph in Figure 31.27.

To determine

The binding energy per nucleon of F56e .


Given info:

From periodic table,

The atomic mass A of F56e is 55.9349375 u .

Number of protons Z present in F56e is 26 .

The number of neutron present in N

  F56e is N=(AZ)=30 .

Formula used:

Formula to find the B.E. per nucleon is,

  B.E.A=Z m p+N m nmtotalc2A


Here, mp is the mass of proton, mn is the mass of neutron, mtotal is the total mass and c is the speed of light.


To find the Binding energy per nucleon of F56esubstitute all the known values in equation-1

  B.E.AF56e=26× 1

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