Genetics: Analysis and Principles - 6th Edition - by Robert J. Brooker Professor Dr. - ISBN 9781259616020
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Genetics: Analysis and Principles
6th Edition
Robert J. Brooker Professor Dr.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9781259616020

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Genetics: Analysis and Principles is a one-semester, introductory genetics textbook that takes an experimental approach to understanding genetics. By weaving one or two experiments into the narrative of each chapter, students can simultaneously explore the scientific method and understand the genetic principles that have been learned from these experiments.

Rob Brooker, author of market leading texts in Genetics and Intro Biology for majors, brings his clear and accessible writing style to this latest edition.

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The bacterial chromosome is folded and compressed to be able to fit inside a cell. This...DNA is a double-stranded structure held together by complementary base pairing. Both the strands of...In 1970, Crick again restated his statement, which stated that the detailed transfer of information...The start codon is the AUG acts as a signal codon, which helps in the initiation of translation. It...The difference between a regulated gene and consecutive gene are as follows: Regulated gene...The gene expression regulation can occur at multiple molecular levels: 1. Transcription: At this...The definition of epigenetics is the study of gene mechanisms that lead to changes in these...ncRNA controls certain functions due to its proximity and binding ability to certain important...Viruses are tiny infectious agents that are able to replicate only when, they are present inside the...Mutation is defined as the occurrence of change in the genetic material of an organism, which...Homologous recombination is a type of genetic recombination, which helps in repairing of breaks...The gene cloning is extensively used in many fields. The important advances include: 1. DNA...Recombinant microorganisms are organisms that have differences in their alleles from either of the...The term insitu hybridization indicates the DNA sequence that forms the base pairs with a short...The description of functional genomics, genomics, and proteomics is given below: Genomics: It refers...Differentiation between X-linked, dominant, and recessivepatterns of inheritance, according to the...During the period of development, the cells divide repeatedly to produce different cells with...The assemblage of various genes amongst the population that interbreeds is called as gene pool....Quantitative traits are the traits that are numerically determined. These are an example of complex...Evolution is based on two principles. These two principles include genetic variation and natural...

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