Biology - 5th Edition - by BROOKER - ISBN 9781260487947
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5th Edition
Publisher: MCG
ISBN: 9781260487947

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Reason for correct answer: The four functions of extracellular matrix (ECM) in animals are...Reason for correct answer: The scientists in the earlier time have a great misconception that...Reason for correct answer: Gene is made up of the DNA and the information stored in the gene cannot...Reason for correct answer: Many different functions are carried out by ncRNAs because they have the...Reason for correct answer: Constitutive genes are those genes which express at constant levels at...Reason for correct answer: The addition and deletion of a single base pair in DNA results in...Reason for correct answer: Interphase of the eukaryotic cell cycle is composed of many phases. The...Reason for correct answer: According to Mendel’s experiment, when two heterozygous plants are...Reason for correct answer: Chromatin remodeling is the modification in the structure of chromatin....Reason for correct answer: Option c. is given as “capsid”. The capsid is the protein structure...Reason for correct answer: Cell differentiation allows cell to acquire a highly specialized...Reason for correct answer: Restriction enzymes were discovered around 1960. They are used in gene...Reason for the correct answer: Evolution refers to the changes in one or more characteristics of a...Reason for correct answer: Single-nucleotide substitution results in the change in genetic makeup...Reason for correct answer: The large scale changes result in the production of new species or a...Reason for correct answer: The concept of systematics is based on the categorization of the...Reason for correct answer: Over the course of billions of years, the major landmasses shifted their...Reason for correct answer: All type of cells possesses plasma or cell membranes. These membranes are...Reason for correct answer: Choanoflagellates, also known as Choanomonada, are eukaryotic organisms....Reason for correct answer: Fungal cells have a rigid layer external to the plasma membrane called...Reason for correct answer: A microbiome refers to many species of microbes with their genes...Reason for correct answer: Liverworts, hornworts and mosses do not possess any roots, and they do...Reason for correct answer: The formation of the wood involves the number of features to be present...Reason for correct answer: Animals can be defined as multicellular heterotrophs with cells that lack...Reason for correct answer: Choanocytes are the specialized cells that are present in various...Reason for correct answer: The defining characteristic of any group should be present in most of the...Reason for correct answer: A dependent and highly reduced gametophytic stage is seen in angiosperms....Reason for correct answer: Some of the examples of plant hormones are auxins, cytokinins,...Reason for the correct answer: Plants require sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to carry out the...Reason for correct answer: Aquaporins are a part of major intrinsic proteins that result in the pore...Reason for correct answer: The male reproductive part of the flower is stamen or androecium. Stamen...Reason for correct answer: Nervous tissues are made up of nerve cells which are known as neurons....Reason for correct answer: The central nervous system is the nervous system that includes the brain...Reason for correct answer: Different organisms have different types of nervous system. Some of the...Reason for correct answer: The sensory system of an animal is responsible for the conversion of a...Reason for correct answer: Exoskeletons provide support for the body and protection from the...Reason for correct answer: Breaking down of food into smaller particles so that it can be absorbed...Reason for correct answer: The absorptive stage includes the ingestion of various nutrients into the...Reason for correct answer: In an open circulatory system, the combination of interstitial fluid that...Reason for correct answer: On drinking excess water, there will be an increase in the glomerular...Reason for correct answer: Hormones are chemical messengers that may be produced by endocrine and...Reason for correct answer: Parthenogenesis is the property of lower plants and invertebrates, such...Reason for correct answer: Barrier defense is a defense mechanism of the body in which it creates a...Reason for correct answer: The respiratory system helps in increasing the alveolar volume. It...Reason for correct answer: Most living organisms are unable to regulate their body temperatures....Reason for correct answer: Proximate causes are the genetic and physiological factors that influence...Reason for correct answer: Total population size(N)=Number of marked individuals in first...Reason for correct answer: Commensalism is the type of species interaction in which one is...Reason for correct answer: The number of species in an ecological community is called species...Reason for correct answer: For the determination of an average number of children produced by a...Reason for correct answer: Endangered species are the species that are at the verge of extinction...

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