Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity

10th Edition
John C. Kotz + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337399074



Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity

10th Edition
John C. Kotz + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337399074
Textbook Problem

For each of the following molecules, decide whether the molecule is polar and which side is positive and which negative: BFCl2, NH2Cl, and SCl2.

Interpretation Introduction

Interpretation: It should be identified that whether the given molecules are polar, the positive and negative side in the molecule.

Concept Introduction:

Dipole: The positive and negative charges separated by the distance between them.

Dipole moment: It is the measure of the charge separation that is describes the polar in the bond between the two atoms.

Electronegativity: It is defined as the capacity of the atom to abstract the pair of electrons towards itself results to have high negative charge.

Polar molecule: The molecule with atoms bonded with different electronegativity. Dipole moment is used to measure the polarity of the molecule.

Polarity of a molecule is measured in term of dipole moment.

Dipole moment for a polar molecule is non-zero and for a non-polar molecule dipole moment is zero.



It’s a polar molecule and showing polar behavior due to pulling of electron with the atoms.

Its negative end is towards fluorine atom as we know that fluorine is the most electronegative atom and electronegativity gets decreases as we move top to bottom of the group.



Its negative end is towards chlorine atom as we know that chlorine is more electronegative atom than hydrogen in the molecule

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