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Write a program called LoopMinMax that reads in 4 values from the user and prints the lowest and highest value entered. 

Enter a value: 4
Enter a value: 2
Enter a value: 7
Enter a value: 11
Lowest: 2 Highest: 11

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Step 1

You didn’t mention which language should be used for the given program. Here, I have used JAVA language which is compiled in Eclipse software.

Program plan:

  • Import the required java packages.
  • Define a class named “LoopMinMax”.
    • Define a “main()” method.
      • Declare required variables.
      • Create an object for scanner to get user input.
      • Get the user input and read the values.
      • “if” statement to find highest and lowest value of 4 values.
      • Then, print the lowest and highest value of 4 values.
Step 2


// Import required packages

import java.util.*;


// Definition of class

public class LoopMinMax {


    // Definition of main() method

    public static void main(String args[]) {


        // Declaration of variables

        int i, num, max, min;


        // Create an object for scanner

        Scanner s1 = new Scanner(;


        // Get the user input

        System.out.print("Enter a value: ");


        // Assign first value to num

        num = s1.nextInt();


        // Assign num to max

        max = num;


        // Assign num to min

        min = num;


        // Loop iterates to get next three values from the user

        for (i = 1; i <= 3; i++) {


            // Get the user input

            System.out.print("Enter a value: ");


            // Assign first value to num

            num = s1.nextInt();


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