Life: The Science of Biology - 11th Edition - by David E. Sadava, David M. Hillis, H. Craig Heller, Sally D. Hacker - ISBN 9781319010164
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Life: The Science of Biology
11th Edition
David E. Sadava, David M. Hillis, H. Craig Heller, Sally D. Hacker
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 9781319010164

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The Eleventh Edition of Life: The Science of Biology is engaging, active, and focused on teaching the skills that students need in the majors biology course. New pedagogical features grab students’ attention and give them a clear learning path through the text. Active learning is a priority throughout the text and media, giving instructors the support they need to encourage students to "learn by doing." Life continues and improves its focus on experiments and data, ensuring that students learn the skills they need to succeed in their careers. It is this potent combination of expertly crafted pedagogy and engagement that make this new edition the best resource for biology students.

The Eleventh Edition of Life: The Science of Biology retains its reputation as the book with the highest quality content, clarity of language, and experimental emphasis, and the new focus and features make it a Life worth investigating.

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Explanation: Photosynthesis is a light-dependent process. This process uses light energy to produce...Explanation: The comparison of genes function and cell morphology among the normal tissue, malignant...Explanation: The cross between gray body, short legs (DDbb) and dark body long legs (ddBB) is...The rate at which DNA polymerase proceeds the formation of new DNA strand is 50 bp/s. Therefore, to...Neurospora is able to synthesize leucine in their cells and hence, are able to grow on a minimal...Explanation: In the given coding sequences of person 1, the second sequence has a modified 10th...The modification of histones by acetylation is important in epigenetic regulation of gene expression...Explanation: SNP 5869: The rate of metabolism and drug concentration after 12 hours of...Explanation: The sex-linked genes are responsible for Mendelian inheritance. These genes are present...Explanation: It can be clearly observed from the above figure that the two species are relatively...According to the study, it is stated that larger toe pads with more lamellae are present in the...As per the given Figure 1, the individual label CC01 is consistent with becoming the source of...Explanation: Reinforcement theory for speciation was first proposed by Wallace, where he suggested...According to the given analysis, there are, on an average, 54 synonymous substitutions occurs...Explanation: The difference between the Cambrian strata and the Ediacaran strata are given in the...Explanation: According to the given statement, concentration of nitrate in municipal sewage water is...Explanation: Apicomplexans mainly constitute genus including Plasmodium, Theileria, and Toxoplasma....Explanation: It can be clearly observed from Figure 1 that the common ancestor of ferns as well as...Explanation: The two flowers being closely related need not to have same morphology. The morphology...Explanation: A highly invasive plant species, garlic mustard belongs to Eurasian. It has invaded the...Explanation: The life cycle of all cnidarians involves the formation of two distinct body forms: one...The oxygen diffuses through the spiracles present on the exoskeleton and is further passed to the...Explanation: It can be observed from the given phylogenetic tree that viviparous mode of...Introduction: Root apical meristem (RAM) is responsible for the generation of cells that help in the...Explanation: From the graph, it can be concluded that with time, there is a significant increase in...Explanation: Through the table, it can be gathered that concentrations of 0 μM and 0.6 μM of nickel...The data given in the table indicate that four phytochromes present in Arabidopsis are involved in...Explanation: In Table 1, the number of nodes in case of the gi allele is more as compared to the WT,...Explanation: Plant defense against the herbivory explains the kind of adaptations, which are evolved...Explanation: The environmental temperature affects the time to reach a Tb of 30°C as given in the...Iris forms the major part of the eye, is a thin and circular aperture and is responsible for the...Explanation: The ERT therapy can help in the restoring the blood ADA level. The patient is given a...Explanation: In humans, the ovulation cycle takes place after every 24 to 28 days in a cyclical...The three germ layers: ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm arise from the embryo as a result of...Explanation: When the light is reflected on the Hcrt neurons, they get activated and fire an action...The evolution of certain mechanisms in the moths to prevent capture by prey includes the changes in...Explanation: Both the tests were designed to test the memory of the subjects. The PLUS test was more...The probability value (P-value) indicates whether a given data claimed by the experimenter could be...Intratracheal partial pressure of O2 during the open phase of the spiracles in the tracheae as shown...Explanation: The surgery was performed and the flow of blood after the surgical removal of the...It was observed that the levels of blood triglycerides in bears were present in a higher amount in...Explanation: The graph plot between RMT and FPD is given in the Figure 1. Figure 1: Plot of RMT vs...Explanation: Male and female burying beetles meet at the new animal carcass in order to reproduce...Explanation: Corals are coelenterate, which is composed of thin layers of calcium carbonate that is...Explanation: The survivorship (lx) of Australian sharpnose shark is calculated by dividing number of...The type of interaction between bees and flowering plants is of positive nature. Such type of...The corals acts as a backbone structure of the reef by depositing their calcium carbonate (CaCO3)...Sea cucumbers eat the marine sediments that get accumulated in the marine ecosystem. They clear out...There are several causes of death of pumas in the two-given population. The main reason of death in...

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