A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

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Have you ever thought about eating an infant to ease your economic hardship? You’re not the only one! Jonathan Swift wrote an entire pamphlet about it (satirically, of course). Satire has the ability to point out societal inadequacy and ridicule political policies in a way that is humorous in its absurdity while masking its true intent. In A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, the author’s use of exaggeration and irony to draw attention to the meaningless lives of the Irish people to English rule not only gives his work a wider audience but also serves as a furtherment of Swift’s typical derisiveness. A Modest Proposal comments on the harm caused by the Declaratory Act of 1720, an act that allowed Great Britain’s parliament to legislate…show more content…
When reading metaphysical poetry, the reader is trained to think thoroughly about what was offered in the piece and the author’s true intent. In keeping with this style, Swift assured that the reader would look deeper into his work than the surface meaning. While lacing his work with an old, familiar style Swift injected his own unique flair in his pamphlet as well. In A Modest Proposal, paragraphs frequently start with sympathetic, almost dreamlike, idealizations and end, metaphorically, with a knife to the gut. Swift entices the reader with his sympathetic voice then delivers such biting wit the reader is stunned and taken aback. Swift uses redirection to intentionally separate his main points to reinforce his ideas and send readers back to his most important viewpoints. Swift uses the end of the pamphlet to restate all previous notions. This gives the reader not only a refresher but another chance to analyze the true meaning. A Modest Proposal is obviously a satirical work, but it’s Swift’s use of satire that makes his work effective, primarily his combination of political and societal satire leaving none of the intended audience unscathed. Swift agrees with the bourgeoisie class so vehemently that it becomes noticeably sarcastic. He maintains the calm demeanor of the narrator making the faked emotions cold and insincere. Swift states, “… that horrid

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